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Astral Authority Acquires Paladins Team (Febrii)

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Astral Authority is excited to announce the signing of the #1 Paladins: Champions of the Realm team in the North American Challengers Cup (CC). The team, formerly known as Febrii, was comprised during the CC of team leader Chris “PowTecH” Sonet, Brian “Supersully” Sullivan, Nathan “Evulli” Lee, Alex “Madman” Baldassari, Dawson “MystiXGoDZ” Gray, and Bryce “Vex30” Kelly. The team is coached by Brii “Briixxloveee”. Joining the Astral Authority Paladins team will be newcomer Enno “iDropBodies” Aragon.

Coming off an impressive 11-2 record in the Fall Challenger’s Cup, the new Astral team was confident on their opportunity to compete against the Champions’ Cup teams in The Gauntlet two weeks ago. The team fell just short of securing a spot at the Hi-Rez Expo in January as they finished third place. A very impressive showing for a team that has only been playing together for three months, and a glimpse of what will come from them.

Astral CEO Dinkelin Tavarez had this to say about the new Paladins team: “After watching the team play throughout the Challenger’s Cup and listening to them stream together, I couldn’t be more excited to introduce the Astral fans to them. This team has amazing energy and plays with great understanding of the game and their teammates. While Paladins is still in beta, Hi-Rez has shown a desire to make their community massive. We are excited to be a part of that growth, and know this team is going to be on top during it all.”

While the Gauntlet may be finished, the competition for this year definitely isn’t over! Last weekend marked the first week of competition in the Paladins Evie’s Winter Classic tournament. Our new Astral team continued the dominance as they went through seven rounds of competition to win the first week of play! Not only did the secure first place points for Week 1, but in doing so they only lost one game! The talent of this team is truly shaping up as they move on to play the remainder of the Evie’s Winter Classic under the Astral Authority banner.

While dominating the first week of play in the Winter Classic, the new Astral team also managed to perform three of the top five Paladins- Top 5 Plays that Hi-Rez published last week. Come see the remarkable plays here. To see their standings and the lead they have built thus far in the Winter Classic, check here.

Astral is proud to be supporting an exciting team of players with phenomenal talent and great character, led by a driven coach. Join the Astral Army in supporting the newest team to our organization and be sure to look out for more announcements on their streaming and competitions. Help them in showing Our Authority as they finish competition in the Winter Classic and on to next season!

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