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Astral Authority Acquires Smite Team! (Salsa Squadron)

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Astral Authority Acquires Smite Team (Salsa Squadron)

Astral Authority is elated to announce the signing of the #1 Smite team in the North American Challengers Cup. The team, formerly known as Salsa Squadron, is comprised of team leader Jon “Sheyka” Sheyka, co-leader Alec “fineokay” Fonzo, Jesse “Leftsyndrome” Rhodes, Michael “Cliff” Clifford, and Lawrence “Mangoh” Qui. The team will be managed by long-time Astral Authority manager Brandon “Asylum” Hendon.

The new Astral team finished an impressive 6-0 in the Round Robin of the NA Challenger Cup, and has advanced to the Finals. They will be competing live in Atlanta on October 30th for the NA Challenger Cup Lan Championship. The winner of the event will be given entrance into the Gauntlet where they will have an opportunity to earn a spot in the Smite World Championship.

Astral CEO Dinkelin Tavarez had this to say about the new Smite team and their opportunity: “I couldn’t be more excited to enter the Smite scene with this team. The squad has shown amazing poise and talent in their recent play, and we are confident they will continue to shine in their upcoming competitions. We can’t wait for you to see them play under the Astral Authority name, and for all of our fans to follow them!”

While the current roster has only been playing together for two months, the new Astral team is by no means newcomers to the top tier of the Challenger Cup (CC) rankings. Team captains Sheyka and fineokay have played their way to the top of CC multiple times and under various teams. Leftsyndrome has played in the Smite Pro League (SPL) before under The Randozos, and has competed at the top of the CC every split. Mangoh, widely considered to be an SPL ready Solo Laner, has proven himself in past Challenger Cups. Rounding out the roster is Cliff. Cliff has been a high end ranked player for a while and is showing his diversity by converting to ADC for the first time this CC.

To see their standings and the impressive lead they have built in this Fall Challengers Cup check out here. Interested in seeing their outstanding play in the CC? You can watch the Semi-Finals here.

Astral is proud to be supporting a veteran team of players showing superb talent and a hunger to succeed in competing to secure a spot in the Smite Pro League. Join the Astral Army in supporting the newest team to our organization and be sure to look out for more announcements on their streaming and competitions. Wear your Astral gear proud and give the team shout outs as they prepare for their Challenger Cup championship in just nine days!

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