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Astral Authority Parts Ways With Current Paladins Team

Posted by Astral Authority on

It is with heavy hearts that Astral Authority announces the departure of our Paladins team. With contracts ending, AA and the team were unable to settle on a new agreement.

After nearly a year with the team, we are extremely proud of their growth and dedication to the community. When Astral Authority originally entered the space, the team (then known as Febrii) was the top Challenger contender. It didn’t take long for the team to convert their Challenger dominance to overall dominance as they moved to the #1 overall ranked NA team, the #1 NA seed in the Masters’ LAN, and near perfection in competitive play for the last six months.

Astral is extremely proud they were able to be a part of the amazing rise of this team. From their 4th place finish at the Masters Lan, their consistent top five world ranking, and their dedication to the Paladins/esports community through their streaming, giveaways, and willingness to interact with fans, this team has impressed Astral. We have no doubt they will continue to do well.

With the ground work this team has laid in the Paladins’ community, we can definitely see the game growing. We have no intentions of fully leaving the scene. We will be scouting and looking for the best option for the community and for Astral. To our current team, we wish you the best of luck!

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