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Astral Authority Parts Ways with Heroes Roster, Sets Sights on 2017.

Posted by Astral News on

As Astral looks to 2017 we have decided changes need to be made. As such, it is unfortunate to announce Astral Authority will be parting ways with our Heroes of the Storm team effective immediately.

We signed the Murloc Genius roster after the team won back to back North American regionals in Los Angeles and Seattle respectively. Since then the team has won the first North American Nexus Games, and represented NA on two international stages. While the results from both BlizzCon and Gold League stages were less than ideal, we have been proud to have this team represent Astral for the past three months.

"Even though we are parting ways with our Heroes of the Storm roster, I am happy to say we are on good terms. I know the players will find a great home and proceed to do great things as a team." -Astral CEO, Dinkelin Tavarez

Astral is still hoping to stay in the Heroes of the Storm scene, as we are in negotiations with another team. These negotiations will decide our future within Heroes.

Astral has big plans for 2017 we would love to share with our community, but can’t reveal quite yet. In November we signed the top Challengers Cup Paladins team that has seen promising results, along with recently signing Rainbow Six PC team as well. The future is looking strong and bright for the Astral Army in the new year!

We here at Astral want to truly thank the Heroes of the Storm community that have welcomed us with open arms and continued to support us this year. We hope to keep those fans as we move forward as an organization.

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