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Astral Authority Trails After Gold Club World Championship Round Robin Stage

Posted by Astral Authority on

It’s their second time on the international stage and Astral Authority’s Heroes team has had a tough beginning. During the Round Robin Group Stage last week, Astral was only able to snag two points after seven matches, however still grabbing convincing game wins against eStar and Zero Panda Gaming.


Regardless of the outcome, Astral isn’t out of the competition yet as no teams were eliminated after the Round Robin Stage. Their two points them at the bottom seed going into the bracket playoffs.


As the bottom seed, Astral will next face their European rivals, Team Dignitas. Unfortunately, Astral has lost to Team Dignitas already 2-0 in GCWC, and 2-0 during BlizzCon.


They’ll need to step it up to the max if they hope to advance any further as they face Dignitas Friday morning at 1 a.m. PST on

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