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Astral Authority's New Sponsor!

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Astral Authority Partners with Azio
We are delighted to announce our official partnership with Azio Corp. Astral’s experience with Azio has been extremely positive, and we are excited for this partnership to begin.
Astral Authority players will play on rigs equipped with the Azio hardware. Known for their Azio MGK keyboard series and their EXO mouse line, Astral will proudly don the Azio hardware to ensure their players are practicing with the highest level of performance. When fans come to watch the streams, be assured Astral will be showing off the high-quality Azio hardware.
We are excited to build a relationship with Azio and highlight their products to the eSports community. Be sure to follow the Astral Authority Twitch and tune in every time our players go live to see the cutting-edge, high-performance Azio gear in action!

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