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Astral H1Z1 Roster Update

Posted by Astral Authority on

It is with deep regret that Astral Authority announces that Mitchell “Thuga” Vincent II has chosen to step down from the H1Z1: KotK starting roster for the remainder of his contract.

Thuga stated, "After thinking very hard about H1Z1 and competitive play, I've decided to step down from the Astral Authority H1Z1 team so that I can take a break. I hope one day to return but not anytime soon. Big thanks to Astral Authority for the opportunities and the support, and a big shout out to my entire team for being great guys individually."

Most recently the team competed at DreamHack Atlanta and unfortunately did not qualify for finals after a 5th place finish in group B of qualifiers.


Team captain “BlankVHS” stated, “Thuga is a great teammate that we will definitely miss, but we will look to replace him with an equally talented player while we continue to strive for success as a team.”

The team will be hosting tryouts to fill the open spot, effective immediately. Anyone interested can contact captain Andrew on twitter @AstralBlank.


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