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Astral Smite Challenger Cup Finals Results!

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Last Sunday, Astral Authority’s Smite team competed in the Challenger Cup Finals against the recently sponsored Most Wanted, formerly Aquaman and the Waves. Astral would unfortunately fall 2-0 in two tightly contested, back and forth games.  This was the team’s first LAN event, and although they didn’t perform to the level they wanted, they were still grateful for the experience, “we didn’t get the result we wanted, but it was a great experience” remarked Astral’s mid laner Sheyka on their LAN performance.  Although Astral won’t be advancing to the Gauntlet for a chance to compete at Super Regionals, the team still has a chance to qualify for the season four of the Smite Pro League after Smite Worlds in January through relegations.  When asked on how the team will prepare for relegations, team manager KingAslyum replied, “From here on forward, we’re going to be keeping a positive head moving forwards to relegations and make the team stronger overall”.  The players echoed this sentiment, showing an enthusiasm for relegations and emphasizing keeping a positive attitude.


We’d like to thank our fans for the support over the last few weeks, alongside our sponsor Azio Corp for providing our players with great gear for the event.  For more updates on the team and Astral Authority, be sure to follow us on twitter, facebook, and instagram.

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