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New COO Joins Astral Authority

Posted by Astral Authority on

It is with heavy hearts that we announce John “Y2Kbug” Kelly will be stepping down from his position as Chief Operating Officer at Astral Authority, “Astral will always be my home. I have learned a great deal while at Astral and will greatly miss the staff that I built. However, it is time for me to move on and continue my career in eSports. My door remains open to anyone and everyone at Astral and I hope the best for them.” There remains no bad feelings accompanying John’s departure and everyone here at Astral wishes him the best of luck with his future work.
With this, also comes the announcement of the new Chief Operating Officer within Astral. We are happy to welcome Rick “Bigsnackks” Jeter , current owner of Team Justus and founder of both Yeosuch and LineSource. Rick has a large passion for Esports and was chosen as the new COO based on his drive and vast experience in the Esports scene, “I'm taking the COO position at Astral because I like building and taking on new experiences. Even though Justus is still my baby and not shutting down, I will be building Astral into a powerhouse in esports,” Astral CEO Dinkelin (Dean) Tavarez is in agreement with Rick going into the future, “ I am excited to have Rick join the team. Even though John will be missed and always be apart of our family, I am extremely excited about what we are working on and what's to come here at Astral.” Looking towards the future, we will continue to grow here at Astral Authority to become a mainstay here in the Esports scene.
You can find Rick’s twitter here, and be sure to follow Astral on twitter, facebook, and instagram for more updates on the future of the organization. We hope to see the fan’s support moving on these next couple of weeks.

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